First School as a M³ man

Set up!
Set up!

What an amazing day! Yesterday was full on rehearsing, checking stock and equipment and creating a feedback form.

I arrived at the school at 8am on the 27th June to a warm welcome.  I then I set up for the day  (picture above).

The day was incredable, starting with a 15 minute assembly followed be year 3 and 4. I was told that the teachers were surprised at the answers some of the children gave.

Reception next and for the first time 'Count Vone Me' came out - everyone loved it! At one point I made a square from balloons and asked what to you see? I got some very funny interpretations! 

In the staff room for lunch, everyone made me welcome.

Next was years 1 and 2, so much fun and learning was had I over ran by almost 10 minutes.

Last group was years 5 and 6. All I can say they took what I had for them and ran with it, really impressed, the only thing I could have changed was to split the groups to enrich their mathamatical experiences.

As I was leaving I passed a projecter showing pictures on a white board of the wonderful day, so I asked if I could get some images that I could use for this web site,  kindly they said yes so I will post then as soon as I get them.

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    Tanya (Friday, 10 August 2012 23:27)

    It sounds like a great day! Looking forward to seeing the photos

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    Dave (Tuesday, 21 August 2012 09:28)

    You can find the photo's in this YouTube clip or on the home page.
    Thank you for commenting