Zin Obelisk

Obelisk Bath
Obelisk Bath

Please find attached a link from the nrich website for an activity called Zin Obelisk.



Zin Obelisk was introduced to me by John Hibbs at an ATM conference.


Aim: Collaborative working


It is a communication puzzle, made up of 29 cards and each card has a piece of information that is required to complete the challenge. Once the cards are shared out players are not allowed to show the cards to each other but can tell the others what is written on them.


This is very strong as it is a group activity that relies upon everyone taking part. It also requires recording data and the use of maths. I would allow the group to work this out individually, just make sure that they don’t show each other the cards that they hold to the other players. The best way to host this is to set three pairs working on one challenge with the cards shared between them.


As an extension, once they get the idea how to play, they can start creating their own!


You can also buy a book filled with template cards to photocopy cut and play from the ATM http://www.atm.org.uk/shop/products/act054.html

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