Numeracy Workshops.

Numeracy workshops

Since Marvellous Magical Maths (M³) started with the
mathematical thinking show/ workshop for pre-school and primary, it’s been a great success and I have enjoyed visiting schools around the country.


The aim is to support the learning in schools, helping to
improve grades and give maths a fresh outlook. I hope to increase enthusiasm and change the culture of not liking this subject.


From September M³

will also offer a numeracy workshop for KS2.
As normal I will be at schools for the whole day running four one hour sessions.
Everyone in the groups will get to have fun with numbers and their operations.


Like the Mathematical thinking workshops, each learner will
use what I believe to be the three most important tools in maths: Conversation, Imagination and Patterns. Using
these they will be able to identify and use numbers more confidently creating
their own tools.


The Link below is a report from the BBC regarding changes to
the curriculum.


Maths will expect more at an earlier age. There will be a requirement
for pupils to learn their 12 times table by the age of nine. Basic fractions,
such as half or a quarter, will be taught to five year olds.


"The big challenge is equip all young people with the basic numeracy they need before the GCSE syllabus starts," CBI's Neil Carberry


You can find out more about the numeracy workshops on my web page.


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