On the day
Numeracy (KS2)

This is a suggestion and can be tailored to meet your school’s needs!

The numeracy workshop is a great way for KS2 to gain confidence with numbers and their operations.
Each year group will benefit from an hour in these fun and interactive sessions.

Years 3 and 4:
They will start by interacting with a huge 100 number square, looking at patterns and playing games, then a unique card game called Sumsort. This is an interactive game that encourages hundreds of calculations whilst having fun.

Years 5 and 6:
Looking at number patterns including a simplified version of binary plus the amazing game of Sumsort on a more in depth level; a game where the difficulty is set by the players.

These sessions require at least 1 adult to every 16 children and a short 10 minutes with support before starting.
Year 6 can help younger age groups if they have the first session.